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Welcome to Bloomie Beauty

Beautiful nails should never come at the cost of your nail health. Which is why we made it our mission to revolutionize the press-on nail industry by creating high-quality, comfortable press-ons that won’t damage your nails.

We believe that anyone can achieve beautiful nails at home, allowing you to bypass the salon. Easy to apply and remove, our press ons are designed to elevate your confidence in minutes.

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Founder's Message

While busy working full-time, keeping up with my regular beauty services became a real challenge. As someone who feels more confident with perfectly manicured nails, it was tough to find time to visit the salon, and typing on a keyboard at work with acrylic nails was not practical.

I was spending $65 every two weeks on salon manicures, and the cost was adding up quickly. My natural nails were becoming paper thin from acrylics, and it was difficult to justify spending money to further damage my nails. I was prompted to try press ons, however, all the press ons I tried either didn’t fit my nails, didn’t last, or looked fake.

My goal for Bloomie was to create high-quality press on nails with inclusive sizing, that looked real enough to pass as acrylics. I wanted others to be able to easily do their own nails at home in a matter of minutes. After months of research and product tests, Bloomie Beauty was created - the everyday luxury press on nail brand that actually works.