How to Remove Press on Nails

Step 1 : Supplies

You will need a bowl or container, olive oil, hand soap, water, a nail file or buffer, and cotton balls or pads.

Step 2 : Mix

Fill the bowl or container with warm water and add a few drops of hand soap. Swirl the water to mix the soap

Step 3: Soak

Soak your nails in the soapy water for 10-15 minutes. This will soften the glue and make it easier to remove the press-on nails.

Step 4: Loosen

After soaking, use a the cuticle pusher (easier) or fingers to gently loosen the press on from your natural nails after you have soaked the nails for 5mins

Step 5: Remove

Once soaked and loosened for 10-15mins, simply peel the press ons off your natural nails

At this stage, it is also recommended that you remove any residual glue or sticky tabs on the press ons before storing

Step 6: Dry

Using a paper towel or cloth, gently dry the press on nails and store them in the Bloomie nail kit for future use

**If the press-on nails do not come off easily, repeat steps 3-4 until they are completely removed**